Welcome to ChristaReynolds.com.

As I’ve transitioned from Chicago to Morocco, to Tucson, to Washington, D.C., I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and learning as much as possible. This blog showcases some of my reporting and photography work, along with blog posts resulting from my current work as a Communications Editor.

Please take a few minutes exploring this blog and don’t hesitate to comment if you have questions or notes about any of my articles, photos or videos. Enjoy!

– Christa Reynolds

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. You are an amazing woman. Thank you so much for helping us educate the public about the migrants. My family migrated here from Holland and Ireland. My husband’s family migrated here from Italy. Immigration is the story of our country. Where did your relatives migrate from?

    • Thank you so much for reading and for the support! My relatives migrated to the U.S. from Germany (around WWII) and from Ireland or Scotland (a pretty long time ago).

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