“The guy you need to talk to”: Louis Chaboya and the binational agreement

Louis Chaboya, special projects and emergency manager at Tubac Fire Department in Santa Cruz County, seems to know everyone working in emergency services near the border. Ricardo “Bojo” Bojorquez, a firefighter affiliated with the departments in ambos Nogales, described Chaboya as the one person to speak with about cooperation between the departments. Chaboya knows everyone and worked on writing the bi-national agreement which allows the firefighters in ambos Nogales to work together, Bojorquez explained.

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An Interesting Job

Ricardo “Bojo” Bojorquez loves his job.

It’s not an easy job; “I don’t know what I’m going to do that day; it’s always a toss-up. It can be a fire, it can be hazmat, it can be a brush truck, it can be a heart attack… so I can’t prepare for anything. It’s just come as you are and you have to be ready to go,” he explained.

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