I enjoy working in multimedia formats because it enables the people I interview to speak for themselves and for viewers to have a visual image of the issue and locations involved in the stories. I find it can be a powerful way to present complicated issues to my audience.

  • “Unplanned Urbanization: The Growth of Colonias in Nogales” is about the growth of colonias in Nogales, Sonora and the problems that accompany rapid development without urban planning. (December 2013. 5:27 minutes long)

  • “Urbanización Espontáneo: El Crecimiento de Colonias en Nogales” es un video sobre las colonias en Nogales, Sonora, y los problemas con la falta de infraestructura alli.Para la traduccion de ingles, escoje CC en el menu. (December 2013. 5:46 minutes long)

  • “Solar in the Desert: A Bright Option for Renewable Energy” is about solar energy in Tucson. Interviews with some experts in the field provide information both about the current solar technology and experimental techniques to improve the technology for the future.(May 2013. 4:57 minutes long)

  • “Wildlife Cameras: Exciting Tools for Research and Education” explains the use of wildlife cameras in Saguaro National Park East, in Tucson, Arizona. Nicholas Perkins and other employees discuss the scientific and the educational projects the park has developed focused on these cameras. (May 2013. 4:23 minutes long)

  • “Battling Buffelgrass” is about an invasive grass species threatening Tucson. This piece features interviews with some of the people working to control the buffelgrass infestation and provides information and background about the problem. (December 2012. 6:42 minutes long)

  • Día de los Muertos Annual Procession” presents the annual Día de los Muertos procession organized by Derechos Humanos, of Tucson, Arizona. The procession honors the people who died in the desert over the past year.(December 2012. 7:32 minutes long)



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